Sickness in Cats and Dogs

I can confidently say that I am not the only pet owner who cares a great deal for my pets. One of my worst case scenarios is discovering one of my dogs is ill. Sadly, it is an inevitability that all pet owners face, quite often. Although there is very little we can do to prevent animal illness altogether, we can all ensure the best is done for our pets as quickly as possible. If you are as attentive over your animals as I am, you should be able to see early signs and odd behaviour that often lead to illness or issues. Sometimes you can even tackle illnesses before they become severe, and having the right medications available can do just this.


Coughing is an early, but potentially a very worrying sign, as it is one of the symptoms to many serious infections and problems, like heart or lung disease.

My dog recently suffered from tracheobronchitis, commonly known as Kennel cough. Luckily my dog is an adult so this contagious illness passed rather quickly, although can be severe for young puppies.

Kennel cough can actually lead to pneumonia if not treated early. You can see symptoms of pneumonia clearly like, lack of apetite, lethargy, fever and nasal discharge. Obviously get in touch with your vet if you should see any of these signs. Fortunately there are a range of pet meds available for treatment.

Excessive urination

If your pet is starting to urinate frequently, or has started doing so sporadically and away from its litter trays, this could be a sign of diabetes. Many think this is just a sign of ageing, and simply kick the pet out, when in fact this is the very last thing it needs and the last thing you should do if you really care for your pet. There are special diets aimed at treating diabetes.