Natural Pet Remedies

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Natural pet remedies are a becoming a popular alternative when dogs are plagued by illness and disease.  Environmental pollution, bad diets, over-feeding and chemicals can affect your pet’s health as much as it can affect humans.  Dogs, also, are not immune to psychological and emotional afflictions such as stress and anxiety, depression however a lot of these can be reduced, if not eliminated, by having an enriching environment and involving the dog in family activities with plenty of exercise.  Most dogs suffer because of boredom and lack of interaction causing loneliness.  They are a pack animal and require company.

If dogs live in a household where the family members are stressed and have a disfunctional lifestyle then it is possible that they will be stressed and display behaviours that signify this.  They have their own communication systems and very rarely do we, as humans, attempt to understand their communications to us.  They pick up our vibes so accurately – we just have to look at the therapy work being with dogs who can sense heart attacks or even cancer in humans before we are even aware there is problem.  So, it goes, without saying, that if we are tense and uptight then our dogs are going to pick up on that very strongly.   Natural remedies can be helpful for calming our pets as well as ourselves.  The best remedy, of course, for these situations is to remove the stress itself, or if that is not possible remove the dog from the situation that is causing the problem.

Dogs also have a much higher tolerance to pain than humans.  They can’t speak our language and so we never know whether they are suffering or not.  In the wild, dogs would have a natural instinct for seeking out their own remedies – how many times do you see your dog eat grass?  Is this because they have a nutritional deficiency of some sort or do they simply like the taste of grass?

Only Natural Pet

There are many natural pet remedies in the market place today.  With the chemicals in their food and the toxins around the home and yard, and not to mention the extra treats (see dog treat recipes to make your own) with additives that we feed them, no wonder they suffer many of the now common diseases that humans do.

Some of these common diseases animals can suffer from are:-

Asthma; Bladder Infection; Cancer; Coat and Skin Problems; Constipation; Diabetes; Diarrhoea; Digestive Problems; Ear Infections; Epilepsy and Seizures; Eye Infections; Flatulence; Heart and Circulation; Immune System and Liver  Problems; Kidney Problems; Joint and Muscular Problems; Oral Health; Respiratory Problems; Sinus Problems; Urinary Tract Infection; Viral Infections; Weight Management Issues.

Natural pet remedies can be beneficial in maintaining the health of the animals we have, not only for health problems but just to keep our animals in peak condition.  They may not replace conventional medicine however natural pet remedies can be helpful in assisting your dog recover after an operation or illness.   It is always best to seek veterinary advice before administering natural remedies in conjunction with conventional medicines.