Dog Grooming Combs

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Dog grooming combs and rakes come in all sorts of varieties depending, once again, on the type of dog you own. You can purchase course grooming combs or medium or fine grooming combs as well as shedding combs, flea combs, combs with rotating teeth and special finishing combs for the show dog.

Regular Dog Grooming Combs

If you have a small fluffy dog, for example a Shihtzu or a Shihtzu cross, then a comb can be a handy grooming tool to have. These little dogs have high maintenance coats and dog grooming is essential. They require regular brushing and combing. The easier way to maintain their coat is to clip it off regularly. By running the comb through the dog’s coat ou will be able to tell whether the coat is starting to matt up as the teeth will get caught up in the knots. Find the most suitable comb for your dog by determining the size of the dog and thickness of coat.  Combs are not an expensive item to purchase and you can get good quality combs at discounted prices at Pets Warehouse, suitable for every need.

Whether you are a professional groomer, want your dog looking in tip top shape for the show ring or just wanting to keep your pet’s coat in healthy condition then Groomers-Online have the widest range at very reasonable prices for you!

De-matting Combs

These particular types of combs are a great tool for the matted dog.  They are designed for the specific purpose of catching and removing loose or matted hair, depending on the severity of the matting, of course.  There are a different styles of dematting combs so you have a choice of what is most comfortable for you to use and what is going to be the most effective on your dog.  If you have a dog with a thick or double coat make sure you refer to our page on Grooming Rakes and Shedding Tools as these may be more effective.  Dematting combs break up any parts of fur which might have matted up or they are great for just thinning out the undercoat and excess hair.   Here are a couple you might want to check out!

Resco Rotating Pin Comb Number 667 – available NOW from!

The Resco Pro Series Rotating Pin Comb makes removing tangles and mats from any coat quick, easy and pain free! Teeth rotate 360 degrees to easily roll out tangles
Stainless steel pins are set in a heavy-duty metal handle
Soft, ergonomic comfort grip
8″ long handle – 7/8″ long teeth
27 pins spaced 9 per inch


Safari Mat Remover for Dogs is a useful device for removing mats. The stainless steel blade will remove most mats and tangles. Follow up with a Safari brush to stimulate the oils in the coat, leaving a lustrous shine and a clean, healthy coat.

  • Suitable for use on all breeds, especially those with long or coarse coats
  • Curved edges for safety
  • Right or left handed use
  • Recommended by professional groomers
  • Always comb in the direction of the hair growth

Flea Combs

Another useful comb if your dog has fleas is a flea comb, like this Mikki Soft Grip Deluxe Flea Comb available from, and this can make de-fleaing your dog a lot easier, although they won’t eradicate the problem of flea breeding (refer to our page on Dog Fleas).  The teeth on a flea comb are very close together and as you comb through the coat the fleas get caught up and pulled to the surface of the dog. If your dog does have fleas then this tool can be used in conjunction with the application of a flea treatment as well as bathing your dog in a flea shampoo – see our section on Fleas.

Koolatron Electronic Pet Flea Zapping Comb
This unique, patented comb works by detecting and killing the adult fleas found on many cats, kittens, short hair dogs and puppies. Fleas are killed on contact as you comb your pet. The Flea Zapper Electronic Comb emits a low electronic charge that is harmless to your pet, but deadly to fleas. It eliminates fleas on contact and works on many different hair types. This approach to flea control is less stressful on your pet than other treatment programs.

There is such a wide range of inexpensive dog grooming combs for all types of coats available and it is just a matter of determining which one is most suitable for your requirements.

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