How To Trim Your Dog’s Paws

Trimming the paws makes a dog look neat and tidy

If you have a medium to long coated breed of dog  you may find that their fur will need trimming underneath the paws from time to time.  Such breeds like Golden Retrievers, Border Collies and Cocker Spaniels, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels (although if you show your Cavalier in dog shows for competition the paws should not be trimmed), etc.  have fur which grows longer between the pads on the paws.

This is not a difficult job to do generally and doesn’t take a lot of time, however if you have a dog that doesn’t lie still or like the paws being touched then it won’t be so easy.  You may need to do some training first before you get the scissors out.  Read on and we will cover this further down.  It also may be necessary to clip the dog’s nails back at the same time which makes it easier to scissor the fur just behind the nail.

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  There are several reasons for trimming a dog’s paws:-

  • The dog will not pick up so much dirt or sand and walk it through the house;
  • Prevention of far more serious objects getting caught up in the extra long fur – such as grass seeds and burrs, bits of glass, or anything else which may cause irritation or enter the dog’s skin;
  • If you live in cold climates it prevents the dog from picking up snow and sludge which can harden quite quickly and do damage to the dog’s paws;
  • It just makes the dog’s paws look a lot neater and tidier.

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Some dogs love to romp and play in the snow. Wet, melting snow or slush can cling to the fur underneath the dogs paws.  Accompany this with gravel, dirt or rock salt this can make for sore paws for the dog if not removed.

Rock salt and de-icers which are used for clearing the ground of ice and snow contain potentially harmful chemicals which are toxic if ingested.  If your dog has ice and snow stuck to the paws or even if there is no ice, snow or gravel stuck to the paws still don’t allow the dog to lick until after they are washed in warm water and thoroughly cleaned. This means if the dog licks a paw later no toxic chemicals will be ingested into the body.

By giving the dog’s paws a trim you are protecting him/her from snow/ice which will stick.

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Trimming a dog’s paws

To train your dog to be still and quiet while having the paws and nails trimmed please refer to our Dog Grooming Training page.

You will need a pair of sharp straight-edged scissors.  It is easier to have the dog lying down and if you are having trouble keeping him or her still then you might find a bone or a chew toy filled with treats might help.

Gently bend the dog’s leg and paw so you can comfortably use the scissors to trim the underneath.  Carefully trim the fur on the dog’s paw back to being level with the pads.  Dogs can sometimes get matted in between the main back pad and the front ones.  This forms the shape of a ‘v’.  To remove any matted bits it will be necessary to trim this portion of fur as close to the skin as possible without cutting the dog.  It is best to keep this area as short as possible to prevent matting and also to minimise any grass seeds, dirt or other matter which could be potentially do some damage to your dog from getting caught up.   Then trim neatly around the edge of the paws so they look neat and tidy – generally in line with the pads.

This might be a good time to trim the nails also.  For this, refer to our page on Clipping Your Dogs Nails.

By keeping your dog’s paw trim and neat, not only will the dog feel better and be less susceptible to irritations but he/she will look neat and have better movement as well as not bringing so much dirt into the house.


Dog Grooming Scissors

Dog Grooming Training

Clipping Your Dog’s Nails

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