When it comes to your dog’s health you are the one who is totally responsible.  It is important before taking on the responsibility of a puppy or older dog that you take the health care issue into consideration.  If something happens veterinary bills can be expensive although pet insurance is ready available these days.  Dog health care must include all aspects of your dog’s health and well-being, including behavioural and mental state.

Firstly, you need to get your dog regularly checked out by the vet.  When the puppy is young he will need his initial vaccinations and then a booster every year.  These initial vaccinations will generally protect your dog against parvovirus, kennel cough, hepatitis and distemper.  If you intend putting your dog into kennels at any stage you will need to prove their vaccinations are up to date.

Your dog’s overall health condition will be down to what you feed your dog, plus the dog training and exercise or activities he gets involved in.  Active dogs need a lot of exercise and if this is lacking then his overall demeanour could be subdued and depressed.  Dog health and happiness go together.  Good quality food is essential to your dog’s health and mind those colourings and additives in commercial dog foods.  See dog food recipes.

Dog grooming is also a part of responsible dog health.  Keeping your dog’s coat shiny and soft is a good indication of your dog’s inner health.  If the coat is dull and brittle or dry then you need to look into it further.  A trip to the vet could be a good idea for a check-up.  Brushing your dog’s coat will stimulate the circulation and keep it looking in good condition.

Like humans, dogs sometimes need supplements for health conditions.  If you have a working or very active dog then supplements can be critical to keeping your dog’s health at its peak.  Also, as dogs get older they can come down with similar health problems that humans suffer, eg. diabetes, arthritis, heart conditions, eye and ear problems.  So your dog’s health can become an expense which you need to be aware of initially.