An Introduction To Clipping Your Dog

This introduction to dog clipping will help you prepare yourself and the dog for clipping.  The link to the detailed instructions for clipping the dog’s body is at the bottom of this page.  These instructions are designed to make it as easy as possible for you to clip your dog yourself, explaining how to work in a pattern so that you get the job done as quickly as possible with the best possible result.  It may take time and a few tries before you feel totally comfortable clipping your dog.  The more you practice the easier it will become and you will become quicker at it.  The more the dog gets clipped the more he will become used to it also.

Dog grooming and clipping DVD’s are also available in our Dog Store which may be helpful if you prefer to watch a demonstration on how to clip your dog.  There are DVD’s for specific breeds as well as DVD’s showing how to give  a general clip.  Some grooming clipper sets come with a DVD instruction also.  Another way to learn hands on instructions is to do a dog grooming course.

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Overview Of Clipping

Clipping is the process of using dog clippers and a blade to shave the dog short.  The clippers can be used over the body, down the legs and around the face.  Depending on the length and thickness of coat, and also whether the dog is matted will determine the length of the blade you need to use.  More detailed information about clippers can be found here; detailed information about the different blades and their lengths can be found here.

The face can be either shaved or if you prefer scissored.  Feet can be trimmed with scissors and the tail can either be shaved or just brushed out and trimmed with the scissors.  You can find more information about trimming the face, feet and tail here.

Care and Comfort of the Dog

Whilst going through the instructions please remember that the handling and comfort of the dog is paramount.  Dogs should not be manoeuvred in a rough or harsh manner.  If you have trouble with your dog wriggling then I would suggest that you get some help – maybe a friend or family member to help keep the dog still by giving the dog some treats as a reward for being still.  Bear in mind, though, that if the dog is too stressed he won’t be interested in eating the treats.  Refer to our page on dog grooming training for some training ideas.

Sometimes dogs don’t mind their bodies being clipped however they will wriggle when the legs are being done or feet being trimmed, for example.  If the dog is being difficult it might be better to do a little bit at a time and then give the dog a break and coming back to it bit by bit until that section has been finished.  If you stress the dog too much it makes it worse.  If the dog is really being too difficult it may be necessary to take him to the vet where they can give him a sedative and they will clip him while he is under sedation.  This can be expensive.

If you don’t have available help then a natural calming herbal remedy such as those below may help to relax the dog so the grooming can be done.

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If you have all the dog grooming supplies and your work area set up then you are ready to go ahead and follow these dog clipping instructions:-

How To Use Your Dog Clippers

How To Trim Your Dog’s Face, Feet and Tail

How To Clip Your Matted Dog


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