Grooming Around Your Dog’s Eyes

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Many of the smaller long-coated breeds such as the Maltese, Shih Tzu, Lhasa Apso or any crosses of these as well several others will have long facial fur which will grow long over and around the eye area.  It is important to keep the eyes clear of this excess fur for health reasons as well as just keeping the dog looking neat and tidy.
This part of the grooming can possibly be the most fiddly and you certainly need to pay close attention to what you are doing, making sure a steady hand with the scissors and a hand to keep the dog’s head as still as possible will ensure no injuries occur.   It will be best to take your time with the scissoring initially until you have had a little practise and you will find it becomes easier with practice.
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Trimming the Fur Across the Top of the Eyes

Trimming around the eyes on any dog that has hair which overhangs its eyes makes sense for the simple fact that the dog can then see.  If you allow the fur to grow and don’t trim around the eyes they will not only be covered from the hair above the eyes hanging down but also from the thickness of the fur on the nose which grows up into the corners of the eye which also blocks the dog’s vision.  If the dog’s fur rubs against the eye itself it can create irritation and extra tears to be produced. These tears then build up and cause a red stain running down from the eye.

Firstly, to make a neat job of the eyes brush (or comb) the hair just above the eyes outward and towards the nose.  Then, holding a pair of straight edged scissors from one side of the dog’s face, trim the fur in a straight line from above the one eye, across the nose and continue across to above the eye farthest away from you.    Brush the fur out again to check if there is still a straight line.  If it is a bit crooked still, trim the fur back until you are happy that the line is straight.  If you wish to make the dog look cute you can leave a little bit of length which is not enough to get in the way of the dog’s eyesight but makes the dog look like it has an eyebrow.

Cherrybrook Dubl Duck Blunt TipThe Dubl Duck Curved Blunt Tip Scissor from
IS the best style we carry for inexperienced groomers or for use in areas like paws and faces.

Trimming the Fur From the  Corners of the Eyes

Trimming the fur out of each eye corner can be a little more tricky and definitely requires more steadiness and care.  The fur along the nose bridge can grow quite long so it is best to regularly trim it back before it mats or gets a lot of tear build up.  If left and allowed to build up hard lumps form right in the corner and can be very difficult to remove.  The lumps can then cause a lot of skin irritation and soreness and redness to the eye corner which is apparent when the lumps are finally removed.  You will need to have steady hand to hold the scissors plus a free hand to hold the dog’s head steady while you cut with the scissors.

The best type of scissors to use for this are blunt-ended scissors such as the  TINY TRIM ball tipped small pet grooming scissor 4.5″ EAR NOSE FACE PAW.  A blunt tipped scissor will makes it a little safer for the dog.

Hold the scissors flat against the skin with the tip as close to the corner of the eye as possible and slowly and gently ease them together to cut the fur.  If you take it slowly you will feel whether you are cutting into the skin and will be able to stop before cutting the dog’s skin.  Scissor against the skin being careful not to have the end cut into the dog until the fur is scissored back as much as possible.  Once you have scissored in the corner area slowly move the scissors, keeping them flat against the skin, to trim the fur between the eyes and also along the bridge of the nose.  This is where the thinning shears are great – they will allow you to scissor short but there will be no straight scissoring line where you’ve done, it will all blend in and the dog will not look as though he has been scissored.  These thinning scissors are also great for trimming around the rest of the face.

If there is a lump caused through excess tear build-up in the corners of the eyes then this may be a little more difficult.   Try and get the scissors under the lump and slicing away at the fur being careful not to cut the skin.  You may need to scissor slowly and gently if there is a large solid lump.

The other alternative for dogs with excess tear build-up is to use a warm, wet cloth to soften the lump.  Depending on the severity and the hardness of the lump will depend on how quickly you will be able to wash it away.  By squeezing the water and massaging the build-up it will eventually soften and you will be able to wipe it away.  This will make the scissoring a lot easier.

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 Tear Stains 

Tear stains are reddish/brownish marks found on the inside corner and just below the eyes. These are most often found on animals with light-colored fur as this makes them more visible.  Tear stains are caused by an overflow of tears which then react with normal bacteria found on the skin to produce the darkened color.  Red Yeast is a common culprit in producing tear stains as this organism – like most fungi – thrives in the warm and damp environment just below your pet’s eyes.  If your dog does having weeping eyes then it is likely that he will develop red/brown tear stains in the corners of the eyes.  Some dogs have light stains while others can be quite dark and thick.  Even regular cleaning of the eyes may not stop the staining from occurring.  There are several products on the market which help to minimise or prevent staining from occurring.  Check out these products below to help reduce and prevent staining.

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