Dog Shampoo

There are so many choices available so how do you determine the best dog shampoo for your dog? Firstly, NEVER use human shampoo on dogs – the Ph (acid/alkaline) balance between humans and canines is different and therefore the shampoos for humans are not appropriate for dogs. And be kind to your dog – wash him/her in warm water, unless of course, the temperature is very hot. If you have a large dog this might be a little more awkward. Or call in a mobile dog wash.

So called ‘normal’ shampoos should only be used on dogs who don’t have sensitive skin, allergies any any form of skin complaint. These shampoos can sometimes be made of ingredients and chemicals designed to clean the dog’s skin and coat but actually are quite harsh and can strip away the natural oil supply which helps keep the coat soft.

Always be aware of the type of shampoo you use on your dog and if any reaction occurs after bathing the dog. Check the ingredients and try different shampoos to see which works best on your dog.

Shampoo should ALWAYS be rinsed off thoroughly before drying.



There are a number available nowadays which don’t contain the harmful chemicals like sodium laurel sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, propylene glycol and such like. You might need to do a bit more research on these but it will be worth it. If your dog has dry and sensitive skin then these harmful ingredients could make your dog’s skin worse. For this skin type, look at dog shampoo containing aloe vera and oatmeal as these ingredients can be soothing for sensitive skins. A shampoo that we use and very much like is Aloveen – it’s soothing for the skin and used in conjunction with the conditioner leaves a lovely soft perfume which lasts for a couple of weeks. Try the starter pack today!


If your dog has fleas then you might need to use a flea shampoo which will kill the fleas on the dog. Generally, if your dog has fleas then the fleas will be living in the environment also. The dog shampoo will rid the dog of fleas but they will most likely jump back on the dog after he has been bathed. Once your dog has had his/her bath and been thoroughly rinsed off, dry the coat thoroughly at the back of the neck so the flea treatment can be applied as soon as possible. The best treatments are the ones which are designed to kill the cycle of the flea.



Medicated shampoos are specifically designed for dogs who have severe allergy, skin fungus, hot spots, bacterial infections or any other skin conditions which cause itching or odour. Medicated shampoos generally need to be left on the dog for a short time before rinsing off. Make sure they are rinsed off the skin and coat thoroughly with clean water as these shampoos have chemicals which, left on, could irritate the skin further.

Malaseb is formulated to remove scale and degrease the skin on dogs. It is antibacterial, antifungal, and helps control itching.


Like dog shampoo, dog conditioner comes in different types and it is really a matter of finding one that you are comfortable with. The aloe vera oatmeal based conditioners complement the shampoo for sensitive skin. Conditioner helps to prevent the coat from matting.


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