Spot On Dog Flea Treatment

Spot on dog and cat flea and tick treatments such as Frontline, Advantage, Advocate and Revolution can be one of the most effective methodsFrontline Plus of ridding your pet of fleas and ticks. These products are designed to not only kill the fleas but also the egg-laying cycle.   This process is important because if you only get rid of the fleas off the dog they can still live in the environment and so there is a whole process which should be followed to eradicate fleas completely (refer to our page on Dog Fleas).   If you have given your dog a good bath in flea shampoo and thoroughly washed the fleas off the dog then it is important to allow the coat to dry completely before applying any flea treatment.

These spot on flea treatments usually come in a three or six month pack – one pipette per month per animal and it may be necessary to use these for a few months in a row to completely get rid of the fleas.

Where to Buy Frontline and Other Spot On Flea Treatments for Dogs

If you are looking to purchase a spot on flea treatment always check that what you buy is suitable to your dogs size and weight.  Be aware also, that some spot on treatments are not suitable for puppies under six months of age and most are not suitable if your puppy is under 12 weeks of age.  Before buying the product have a look at all the information on the product page to make sure it is suitable.  Also, before purchasing these products online it is important to check the product information, which country they are based in and whether there are rules that apply.  For example, some products in Australia are not able to be sent to the United States while some products purchased in the United States require prescriptions, etc.

Because there are so many different products on the market and it is not possible to list each individually, listed below are our recommended online stores for you to check out.  You will most likely find that buying your flea treatment online can be cheaper than buying from your vet or local store.

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How to Apply Spot On Flea Treatments 

Dog Flea TreatmentAll spot on flea treatment instructions will advise to apply the spot on flea treatment in a similar manner.  When you are using a spot on treatment for the first time it is wise to read all the instructions and information pertaining to the product before applying it to the dog, particularly if you are applying it to a puppy.

Generally the way to apply the spot on flea treatment is to separate the fur on the back of the neck to expose the skin, making sure that the skin and coat is dry in this area before application.  Sqeeze the liquid from the tube straight onto the dog’s skin.   The instructions should also advise not to bath or wet the dog again for a 75 hour period.

Flea, Tick and Worm Combo Treatments

Another alternative way in controlling fleas and ticks is to use a combination flea, tick and worm medication such as Advantage Multi, Advocate, Sentinel or Revolution.  Again, before purchasing a product check whether any restrictions apply.  Once again, it will be necessary to check each product individually as they differ in what they are designed to treat, e.g. some may treat for all intestinal worms while others may exclude tapeworm; some may also target ear mites and sarcoptic mange as well as lice while others don’t.  Another reason to check is that some may recommend to not give to dogs with certain health conditions – e.g. lactating bitches.  Always read the information before you purchase so you know you are buying the best flea and worm treatment for your dog and be mindful that some require prescriptions.  Listed below in the table are links to the combination treatments to be found in the different countries.

United StatesUnited KingdomAustralia
Advantage Multi for Dogs
Advocate for DogsAdvocate for Dogs
Trifexis Flea / Worm Control for Dogs
Revolution for Dogs Advantix Flea, Tick and Mosquito Treatment
Sentinel Flea / Worm Control for Dogs
Sentinel SpectrumSentinel Spectrum Flea and Worm Control for Dogs




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