The Importance Of Considering The Brand Behind The Food

When choosing a dog food, it is important to consider all areas of the choice. With so many different brands available now, it is easy to become confused as to what is the best brand to buy. Not only is it now important to consider the content of the food, but also what is behind the name. Arden Grange for example have a strict no testing on animals policy and Pro Plan help support various cases such as their Pro Club which helps assist breeders and show enthusiasts. The choice is endless.

When considering which dog food is best for your dog, it is worthwhile to consider what it is your dog needs from their food. They may be fit and healthy and therefore it would be worthwhile investing in a Royal Canin breed specific dog food, however if your dog is suffering from a disorder or disease, it may well be worth investing in a veterinary range such as the Hill’s Prescription Diet.

Most premium dog food brands now have the added expertise of having veterinarians on board to help them develop the best dog food to meet the many health needs of dogs. For example, with more than 150 veterinarians, nutritionists and food scientists on hand, Hill’s Pet Food are constantly innovating to ensure that the highest quality ingredients are used and an optimal balance of nutrients are included to meet your dog’s needs.

Many dog food brands are focussed on the health of dogs and therefore the food they have on offer, such as the Royal Canin dog food, is only available from vets or specialist pet retailers, such as Nutrecare, to ensure that you are getting the right advice and exactly the right diet for your dog.

Many dog food brands have policies that make them popular with consumers such as Arden Grange who pride themselves on their policy against animal testing; their company policy affirms that Arden Grange will never fund invasive research in relation to their pet food products.

Therefore before choosing the dog food for your dog, speak with a veterinarian or Nutrecare advisor to ensure that your dog is getting only the very best for their needs.